The Franchise Group is a very successful franchise development company. It takes successful businesses and multiplies their sales and profits by applying its unique 'Upside-Down Franchising System

With years of franchising experience and a wealth of other significant business talents, The Franchise Group is ideally positioned to take the growing franchise industry by storm.

We have a growing number of fully trained and experienced Franchise Partners throughout Ireland. The company is now offering its highly valued, low-risk 'Upside-Down Franchising System' to any organization which passes its client selection process.

We partner with you to ensure that together we create a very successful franchise operation with an international reach.

So What's So Unique About The
Upside-Down Franchising System?

First, we focus on getting your business franchise ready in record time. Next when we reach launch date we focus our attention on your franchisee network.

Conventional franchise methods and franchise consultants work with you to put the franchise together and then leave you to do the recruiting, and everything else related to running the franchise operation. We customize our offering to meet your specific requirements. We partner with our Clients to help them develop and launch the franchise, recruit franchisees, and grow their network.

That's why we call it Upside-Down Franchising. Since the success of your franchise operation is highly reliant on the success of your franchisees, we offer client specific customized agreements where we ‘partner' with our clients to:

  • develop, structure and launch the offering
  • ensure the right people are recruited
  • ensure the right systems are in place
  • create the perfect support program
  • create the most profitable sales and marketing program and ensure it's being used and applied by all franchisees

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