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Should I start a Retail Franchise Business. Opening a new business is risky proposition. No matter how much you educate yourself, or how many long days you put in running the business, unforeseen personal or macroeconomic events can crop up to present significant obstacles.

One method to minimize unforeseen problems is to brainstorm and come up with as many pros and cons about operating the business that you can, especially if it is a specialty retail business.

For: Successful Business Owners Make Money:  Making money is a primary goal of all small business owners, and seeing all your hard work pay off in a successful store that makes a lot of profits would be a dream come true for most. The markup in the business is relatively high, which means you do not have to sell a huge volume to make a reasonable profit.

Against: Losing Your Investment or Owing the Bank Money if the Shop Fails:  It is important to be honest with yourself and admit that your a business can fail despite your best efforts, and that is especially true with a small specialty business like a retail outlet. Also make sure that you are only investing personal funds that you can afford to lose and that you are only borrowing money you can afford to pay back.

For: Entree to the World of Retailing: One wonderful fringe benefit is the entree to the world of retail is you get by owning a shop. You will not only get regular visits from salespeople and company reps (and occasional free samples), you often also get invitations and/or discount admissions to events in your area and in major cities.

Against: Long Hours and Little to No Pay at First:  One major disadvantage to starting a business is the near certainty of long hours and little pay when you first open up the business. If things go swimmingly, you might start to make some decent money in a few months as your clientele builds (and businesses do tend toward repeat customers), but realistically you should expect to have a quite limited income for at least a year or so.

For: Establishing Relationships with Customers and Employees:  Another advantage of owing a business is the opportunity to meet new people. A retail business owner has all sorts of public interactions, both with customers as well as vendors and employees. Networking and establishing working relationships with people in the industry and business community can serve you in good stead in the future.

Against: Employees, Taxes and Insurance Means Paperwork:  There is a lot more to running a business than buying stock and selling it. You also have to to hire, manage and occasionally fire employees; buy the appropriate insurance; pay the utilities; calculate and pay sales and income taxes and much more. All of these activities are paperwork intensive

The Irish Franchise Association
Celebrating 25 years of franchising in Ireland. This year sees the 25th anniversary of the Irish Franchise Association. There can be no doubt that the global 'credit crunch' is now having an impact on the Irish economy, and technically (according to statistics from the Central Statistics Offi ce, which report two consecutive quarters of negative growth in the economy) Ireland is now in a recession. But as the Irish Franchise Association (IFA) celebrates its 25th anniversary, is it all doom and gloom in the franchise sector? John Green, Chairman of the IFA, remains positive and believes that the mood of franchisors is "upbeat". He adds: "The Irish franchise sector is still growing; and there is no noticeable effect [of the recession] at this time." Furthermore, he predicts a 22 per cent growth in turnover in franchising next year, 12 per cent growth in franchisors and 24 per cent increase in employment.

While PHQ by Pizza Hut – the international franchisor that bought out Godfathers Pizza in 2008 – is wary of the global and local economic backdrop, its Director and Master Franchisor for Ireland John Cronin "feels challenged but very positive about continuing opportunities for the PHQ by Pizza Hut brand in Ireland.

"He believes growth for the franchise in the coming year will be between 10 and 15 per cent. Tracey Cusack, Business Development Manager of O'Brien's Sandwich Bars, elaborates: "The franchise market typically remains quite active even in times of recession; if people are receiving redundancy payments, for instance, it can be a chance for them to look at taking out a franchise and run their own business; however the banking situation will also have an impact and growth will be affected by the liquidity situation in the market."  Tony Marsh, Sales & Marketing Director of UK-based Signs Express, agrees. "After a couple of years of fast growth, we anticipate this trend will continue as people want to secure their own future and become educated in the advantages of operating a franchised business."

Strong foundations Certainly, the increase in franchising in Ireland demonstrates solid growth from which those looking to invest in a franchise can only take encouragement. The Irish Franchise Association (IFA) was founded in 1983 – interestingly enough, the last time that Ireland experienceda recession. The association was set up and continues to operate with the aim of raising the profile of franchising in Ireland; its members are vetted and must agree to adhere to a strict code of business practice. This ensures the public can differentiate between sound business opportunities and suspect investment.

At the time of conception the economic outlook was "pretty bleak", according to John Green; "we had high unemployment, emigration, high taxes and high infl ation. There were very few franchise businesses in Ireland – probably less than 20. It was a learning curve." The franchise sector is now well established and an important contributor to the Irish economy both in terms of the employment it creates and the wealth it generates. Over the last 25 years it has witnessed phenomenal growth and success, highlighted by fi gures provided by the IFA.

There are now 310 franchised businesses within Ireland, making up a market that is worth over €2.5 billion and employs approximately 27,000 people. Much of that progression has been in the previous 11 years; in 1997 the employment level within franchising was 7,400 with a turnover fi gure of €3.9 million. The attraction of franchising:

The dramatic growth can be partly attributed to a confidence in the franchising model, as John Green explains: "I think that people understand the success ratio of franchising. It's far more successful then a stand-alone business." He believes the key to this faith lies in the security of established brands that people recognise and buy into. As

international brands appear in Ireland, "they say, 'oh yeah, I know that brand' and that's what they want to buy."

Growth looks set to increase through new franchisees setting up their own businesses, through existing indigenous businesses using

the franchise model for expansion and through new non-Irish franchises entering the market. Home-grown franchises account for a healthy 14 per cent of the market, while 36 per cent comes from the UK, 41 per cent

from the US and the remaining nine per cent from the rest of the world.

The Irish market is ripe for investment from international franchisors, with leading brands from the UK including Prontaprint, Cash Generator, Signs Express, and Bluebird Care, and McDonalds, Subway, Home Instead and Chem-Dry from the US. Tony explains why the Irish market is so attractive for franchising: "We have found that there is a similar business structure and mix of businesses in Ireland and so we're

confident our business model and franchise package would work very well, as it has in the UK. As Ireland is one of our nearest European neighbours, we also knew the established brand presence we have built

up throughout the UK would be able to be extended to Ireland through targeted brand building marketing."

Indigenous brands include recognised names such as O'Briens, The Streat, Abrakebabra and Supermacs that all continue to benefi t

from the franchise model. O'Briens alone is set to recruit at least eight to10 franchisees in 2009, and PHQ by Pizza Hut expects its

recruitment to increase by 50 per cent on this year.

So, despite the economic uncertainty, the outlook appears rosy for franchising in Ireland."We find in the association that we are getting

a lot more enquiries over the past year from people investigating franchising to become franchisees," John Green states. Tony adds,

"This year, in particular, we have had lots of enquiries from interested parties and expect new recruits during 2009 throughout Ireland." In sickness and in health

However, John Cronin has some sound advice: "While evaluating a franchise, look at the individual propositions to assess their viability in tough economic climates," he warns. That being said, potential franchisees should "not underestimate the potential equity and competitive advantage of the backing of a global brand and all the benefi ts that it brings with it in terms of consumer awareness,

preference and trust, and of course ongoing resources – all of which can be leveraged at local level to give a very powerful effect." Tracey also offers anyone looking to invest in a franchise some words of encouragement: "People should not be put off looking to invest in a franchise in the current economic climate; remember that it's a long-term business proposition (many franchise agreements are for a period of 10 years) and the current economic cycle will not last forever. There are also a number of excellent existing franchise businesses for resale, with an established trading history and customer base, and may be a more attractive and lower-risk option for someone to consider."

John Green reinforces this point: "Franchising is a comprehensive business relationship. There are four elements to ensuring a better success rate than starting a non-franchise business, and I would encourage people to look at these. A franchise would have a legal agreement, between the franchisor and the franchisee; it would have an operations manual, the working of the business and the franchisor; a training programme; and it would also have ongoing support from the franchisor during the time of the contract."

People understand that "there is no such thing as a job for life and so [say to themselves] I have to look after my own future and the best way to do it is to be self employed; and the best way to do that is through the franchise route," he continues. A future together

"You have more control over your own destiny than being in employment," Tony adds. "Franchising has many benefi ts including centralised branding, supplier discounts, ongoing support and advice in all areas of the business and help with establishing yourself in the local area. You are part of a national company but with local ownership – something customers really appreciate – benefits that stand-alone businesses would really struggle to achieve. In essence, franchised businesses often have competitive advantage over their rivals, which gives them a head start in business." Additionally, Tony explains, "franchisees are part of a community, each able to benefit from the experience of other like-minded franchisees,

who impart their knowledge and advice." Tracey sums up: "In the current climate one of the most appealing aspects of buying a franchise is the much higher success rate associated with a new franchise business compared to starting up a new independent business. Many banks and lending institutions will often view a franchise business more favourably because of the proven concept and track record. Also, you have the support, knowledge and resources of an experienced management team to draw on; with franchising you are in business for yourself but never by yourself."

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Franchisee Ireland - Wins Top Franchising Award
Irish franchise owner is Card Connection's Franchisee of the Year - Leading greeting card publisher and franchisor, Card Connection , has named Gabriel McGeown as the winner of its 'Franchisee of the Year' award which was presented at the Company's recent annual conference held in  Warwickshire. Gabriel McGeown who joined Card Connection Four years ago manages, Armagh, South Tyrone and part of the County Down region in Ireland.

"We are delighted to be able to recognise Gabriel McGeown for his outstanding commitment as a Card Connection franchisee," confirms Andrew Cutler, sales and franchise director of Card Connection. "Gabriel is consistently the top performer in average sales per retail outlet, growing his businesses volume sales by 14% in the past year.

In addition, at the end 2010 we experienced some of the worst snow and ice in years, yet despite the adverse weather conditions, Gabriel ensured all his key retail customers were properly merchandised and supplied with Christmas stock ready for the busiest buying period of the year. "However, Gabriel's dedication did not stop there," continues Cutler.

"We were particularly impressed that during his busy work schedule he was still able to find time to help one of our new franchisees set up his business. He arranged for a builder to copy the measurements of his stock room and storage area so the set up could be replicated by his new fellow franchisee.

He even took one of his staff to the new franchisee's unit to help him get up and running quickly." Gabriel McGeown won the Regional Franchisee of the Year award for Ireland and Scotland as well as the Heidi Sulley trophy for Team Sprit and Tenacity. Other Card Connection franchisees that were recognised at the award ceremony included South West, South Wales & Central regional winners, Ron and Shirley Maynard who have continually grown their business since start up in 1996 and achieved 8% growth in the past year.

Atul Patel who has developed his business since 2001 was named as the regional winner for the South East, Midlands and Anglia. Atul now employs 4 merchandisers and ranks in the top 10 in the network on a number of product sales.

Martin Sweeney took the North East and North West regional award for showing outstanding levels of customer service. Card Connection is part of UK Greetings, the largest publicly owned greeting card publisher in the world and has limited vacancies for franchisees who are keen to run an expanding business.

Successful candidates would ideally have some management experience as, once established, they would be expected to employ a small team, operate a warehouse and have several liveried vans on the road. Because the franchise networks in the UK and Ireland are complete, the available opportunities now consist of acquiring an already-established territory from an existing franchisee.

Car Medic Franchising to pay Franchisees as they train
Car Medic franchise to pay franchisees' wages as they train. That's right—sign up for a Car Medic franchise before 30th September and while you're training we'll make sure you get paid every week. It's an amazing opportunity for people who want be their own boss and build themselves a profitable career in a recession proof industry. Car Medic offers SMART (that's Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) and provides a convenient, mobile cosmetic bodywork repair service.

As a Car Medic franchisee, you travel directly to the client's home to repair bodywork to any vehicle - anything from bumper scratches to the replacement of window wipers, saving the customer up to 70% on bodyshop charges. The business model has low overheads thus providing the consumer with low cost repairs. In spite of a rocky climate worldwide and a dreary outlook across many businesses, Car Medic has become the car industry's fastest-growing franchise—with more than 350 franchisees across the UK and Ireland. The franchise is being rolled out here under a master license agreement by Paul Callan, a sales and marketing specialist. There are already nine franchises in the Irish network.

Says Paul: "Studies show that 95% of franchise businesses are successful compared to 55% of non-franchise business set-ups. With a franchise you are investing in a proven method of doing business, where all the problems associated with a start-up business have already been ironed out." A Car Medic franchise is a full-time job for individuals who are ambitious, well organised, and have a good customer service attitude. "We provide all the necessary help, guidance and training to become a successful franchisee," says Paul.

For further information about the Car Medic Franchising Business, please see our listing on this site.

Burger King Franchising Business - Launches New Flatbread in 2012

The Burger King Franchise takes a bite out of hunger with its new Lamb Flatbread - Burger King Ltd will bring a taste of spring into its flame-grilled range with the introduction of its new Lamb Flatbread this Easter. This innovative and delicious new addition to the menu marks the first time Burger King Ltd has featured lamb on the menu nationwide and is a move that is set to excite. The new Lamb Flatbread will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign around the central creative of 'Hungry like a Wolf'. The campaign features the first advert from CHI & Partners. Premiering on Monday 2nd April, the irreverent 30 and 10 second adverts will show a couple sitting in a new look Burger King Ltd restaurant on an awkward first date, tucking into the irresistible Lamb Flatbread.

As the boyfriend wolfs down his tasty Lamb Flatbread, the girlfriend notices that he is starting to transform, before her very eyes, into a werewolf. But rather than draw attention to the animal instincts clearly taking over him, she silently motions and tells him he has a bit of sauce on his chin. The TV campaign will be supported by in-restaurant advertising, created by Open, as well as Facebook activity, created by Pancentric Digital, which will give fans the chance to transform themselves into a werewolf via a unique app called 'The Wolveriser'. The succulent new Lamb Flatbread contains a flame-grilled lamb patty, served in an oven baked rosemary flatbread, with a selection of the freshest ingredients including freshly sliced onions and tomatoes, lettuce, mint yogurt sauce and spicy habanero ketchup.

Jo Blundell, Burger King Ltd Marketing Director Ireland comments: "The launch of the Lamb Flatbread is a really exciting moment for the Burger King Ltd brand. Not only does this prove that we are continuously leading the way when it comes to product innovation, it also underscores our commitment to premium and fresh food. "The new flame-grilled Lamb Flatbread has been designed to inspire the senses and spice up our menu with its mix of fresh salad and taste-tingling sauces, giving it an authentic homemade flavour that will have people coming back for more." The mouth watering new Lamb Flatbread will run alongside the successful King of the Day value promotion this Spring.

Art Franchises - Irish Business opportunities
Xpress Art Franchise for Sale:  We are a leading supplier of canvas prints to the retail and commercial market. Our easy to use web site has been designed to enable you, our customers to upload your images and send them to us to produce for you high quality canvas prints at the most competitive rates available anywhere on the web. All our prices include vat and delivery; there are no hidden extras!

We also operate a network of franchised retail outlets across Ireland.  At our retail locations you can take an image and have it printed onto canvas, framed and returned to you in as little as 1 hour which is brilliant if you really need that quick turnaround. You can even stay and watch how its all done if you wish. Your nearest store is listed on the locations drop down menu at the top of the page.

We handle all payments via PAYPAL so that you can be sure that your payment will be made in the utmost security through one of the largest and most trusted online payment systems knowing that your details are safe and secure.

High Achievers Summit Ireland 2012
June 16th Dublin, Ireland: If you're ready to connect at a higher level, and get better results for your franchise business in Ireland, you've come to the right place. At the high achievers summit, you'll learn world class startegies, tactics, tools, philosphies, you will learn the mind set of high achievement that will allow you to overcome the current challenges that exist right now in Ireland for small to medium sized business owners. Over 2 packed days you'll discover how:

To develop the mind set of a billionaire

To stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge systems, skills, and strategies which you can impliment within 24 hours in your business to get better results.

High Achievers in Business create and protect their wealth

To Get More Leads, Build Your Client List, & Close More Sales with Video, Mobile and Cross Channel Marketing Email, Social Media, QR Codes,Direct Mail, Text Message Marketing and MORE!

Build Multiple Streams of Income

You Too Can Present Like a Professional and Increase Your Influence, Impact and Income and business.

What key factors need to be measured and how they influence your outcomes

And much, much more.

You'll hear from experts and specialists from all corners of the globe - each with unmatched track records in the field. Speakers include: World Leaders in Business such as Alan Sugar, John Boyle, Mike Keonigs, Michelle Mone, the Irish Dragons and many more will share there knowledge and experience to help Irish business's learn how to get better results in their business in 2012 and beyond.

Presented by: Declan Loy (Irish Master Franchise License Holder )

Burlington Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. Saturaday June 16th and Sunday June 17th 2012

Franchise in Ireland - Franchising Opportunities
Franchising Sector Ireland - Franchising is now one of the most popular ways of getting into business for oneself while having the support of a proven brand and business model. As a franchising business option, franchising has experienced exceptional growth in recent years and is now an integral part of our economy, with approximately 200 business format franchises in operation in Ireland.

Bank of Ireland Business Banking recognises the importance and development potential of Franchising in Ireland. We understand the demand and appetite for start-ups and expansions through franchising and are committed to working closely with customers to help them develop and grow their chosen franchising business. What are my Franchise Options in Ireland, If you're interesting in Franchising, our Business managers can assist you in getting there.

Together with our specialist Franchise Unit, we can offer you useful advice and expert financial support on all aspects of franchise development. Our 'Complete Guide to Franchising' below is a study and background analysis of franchising in Ireland. It covers franchising options as an industry as well as the steps needed to be taken when considering a franchise as a business option.

Sourse: Bank of Ireland

Irish Franchises for Sale - Opportunity Ireland

Irish Franchising Information: In a sense, Irish franchises & franchise Opportunities are a business model whose primary purpose is risk minimization. Every study ever done on the success rate of new (non-franchise) business start-ups concludes the same thing.

Starting up a new business in Ireland is very risky. Most Irish studies show that over 90% fail within three years. The primary reason that the failure rate is so high is because the owners have to go through the learning curve of operating that specific type business. Unfortunately, the market place is not very tolerant of the inexperienced person trying to learn how to operate a new business. If you can't compete in the market place, you get eaten by the sharks very quickly, you go bust, you lose money, your credit, your home, your reputation and sometimes even your family.

Failing in business can be a horrible experience. Unfortunately this happens to thousands of poor souls every year, and it is so unnecessary. Unless you have considerable experience in the specific type business that you are considering going into, it is very probable that you will fail. Business format franchising is as close as you are going to come in today's market place to a guarantee of success.

All the studies done have found that franchise new business start-ups rarely fail and when they do it is typically because the franchisee did not stick to the franchisers systems. In all human endeavour there is involved a learning process. This learning process requires going through a series of trial and error encounters wherein knowledge is gained by trying and failing, trying and failing again and again and eventually trying and succeeding.

This process is generally called the learning curve. In the context of franchising, the franchiser has already gone through the learning curve and has learned the secrets of success for the specific business. In business format franchising all that has been learned by going through the curve is transferred to the franchisee.

This is fundamentally why you buy a franchise, to minimize risk and give yourself the best possible chance to succeed. Another reason why it is prudent to buy a franchise is that a franchise investment can be thoroughly researched before any significant expenditure is made. With a new business start-up (non-franchise) you are always operating in the dark. No matter how much research you do it is very difficult to get a handle on so many aspects of the new business. With a franchise the franchisor has a wealth of information about the business from how to prepare a pro forma to the best personality traits for the business.

You can also get great information from the existing franchisees. With a good systematic approach you can get answers to nearly all the really key questions. Such as, Do you feel that you were properly trained, how long did it take before you reached break even, what is your annual return on investment, how do you feel about the day to day duties of the business and if you had it to do over, would you do it again?

You can in a very real sense try the business on before you buy to make sure it is a good fit for you.

Franchise Advisory Service

Another very important reason to consider buying a franchise is intertwined into its basic nature. Franchising inherently leads to rapid growth, because the franchisees provide the expansion capital. There are few restraints to growth in franchising.

As a franchise system expands into hundreds of units many positive things begin to happen. The name begins to become well known because people see it everywhere. Most people associate size with success. The bigger the franchise the better it must be.

The large number of units enables the franchise to advertise heavily, which tends to increase sales. A synergy begins to be created in which success begets success. What is stopping you? Are you like many other people and simply don't know where to start? Are you asking yourself the following questions? I want to start a business, but I don't know what kind?

There are thousands of franchises available, which is the right one for me? I don't have any experience in running my own business; can I get the training?

Can I get support after I get my business started? How much investment will I need?

Can I finance any of my investment?

Do I need to operate the business or can I hire someone to run it for me?

Can I open more that one unit?

The questions are endless, and that is where Franchise Connections come in. We can help you ask the right questions and make the right choices. Our role is to help you analyze your lifestyle, financial and business requirements, and then help you focus in a few opportunities that best fit them.

Let's take a look at some of the questions that we'll be asking!

Are you money motivated? Do you feel that you're at a deadend where you are now?

Being money motivated is important. This characteristic will tend to hold you in good stead when you have to work long and hard in the first two years of owning a franchise.

Do you fit in the corporate environment?

Do you like working for someone? Have you ever been called a misfit, a maverick, or a malcontent? If you are very comfortable working for someone else, then owning your own franchise might not be for you.

Do you really enjoy working hard, even if there is no immediate reward?

How self reliant are you? Do you wait for others to take the initiative? Do you need the approval of others and considerable support before you make a decision, start a task, or move in a new direction?

Are you a risk taker? Are you willing to place your time, energy, and money into a venture that has the possibility of failing?

Any way you cut it, you have to take a chance. There are failures in franchising. Less than 10% but the risk is still there. Can you handle it?

How self reliant are you? Do you wait for others to take the initiative? Do you need the approval of others and considerable support before you make a decision, start a task, or move in a new direction?

You do have to be relatively self-reliant because you do have to manage the business day to day. However, one of the most significant benefits of owning a franchise is the support given by the franchisor. The phrase "You are in the business for yourself but not by yourself" is very true.

Do you take real pleasure in being the boss, or having the authority and responsibility for the success or failure of a new venture?

If you are the kind of person who enjoys being in charge, then having the authority and responsibility for the success of the venture will not be a problem.

Are you a positive person?

Being a negative person is a luxury you can ill afford in business. Negative thinking begets failure. You simply have to be a positive person in order to succeed in business.

Do you have good people skills? Can you interact with people effectively? Do you like people?

In nearly all franchises, good people skills are critical. If you don't have good people skills, you must be willing to develop them.

Can you stick to the franchisor's system, or do you have to do everything your way?

The primary reason that franchising is so successful is because the learning curve is transferred from the franchisor to the franchisee. The franchisor has developed a successful system. If you are going to be a franchisee, you must be willing to stick to the system. You have to do things the franchisor's way. Not your way.

Do you like to teach? Do you enjoy training people in new tasks?

The nature of franchising necessitates almost constant training for employees. It certainly makes it a great deal easier if you like to teach.

Can you handle multitasking? Can you cope with the multiple demands of operating a business?

Operating a business requires wearing many hats. You have to be willing to do everything from mopping the floors to dealing with irate customers.

Are you willing to accept the help of others?

You simply must be willing to accept the help offered by the franchisor. It is valuable and it will help you succeed. Also, help is often forth-coming from employees. It's prudent to accept all help offered.

Do you have the determination to get what you want and go for it 100 % ?

Achieving success does require a certain degree of inner strength. If you feel strong enough to make your franchise successful, then go for it.

What is your educational background? What is your work experience? What do you really know how to do well?

This seems obvious but it deserves some thought. The closer your experience is to the type of business you are considering, the better are your chances of succeeding.

What do you absolutely love doing? What are your hobbies?

A fundamental of human nature is that we always do well that which we love. If the franchise involves doing what you love, then you are way ahead. Or, which is more realistic, if you can fall in love with the franchise concept, that's the ideal.

Do you really like people?

Most franchises, certainly all retail franchises involve a great amount of people contact. Even if you really like people, it can sometimes be overwhelming. If you are not a "people person," lean towards the franchise concepts with less people contact.

Are you introverted or extroverted?

Some franchises involve you to be outgoing, others not. Don't put yourself into a situation where you must do things totally against your nature.

Are you the hands on or hands off type?

To be successful, most franchises require a hands on approach. However, there are some which are suitable for absentee ownership or a hands-off approach.

Are you willing to work long hours, six to seven days a week?

Most new franchises demand a great deal of energy and time in the beginning, especially anything food related. Look very closely at what is going to be demanded of you personally and make sure you are willing to give it.

Are you a risk taker?

Are you willing to bet on a new unproven concept or would you be more comfortable with a well-established, proven, franchise concept?

Do you like to sell?

Many franchises demand a lot of selling by the owner.

Does the idea of really becoming part of a community appeal to you?

A very effective way to insure success is to become a giver to the community where your franchise is located. The more you can give, the better are your chances of succeeding.

If a particular type of franchise looks attractive, can you see yourself spending your days for the next 5-10 years in that specific type of business?

Imagine yourself in the franchise business, doing whatever the business demands for years on end. Is it a pretty picture?

Sourse: Franchise Connections

Coffee Franchise Insomnia Franchising in Ireland
Insomnia Coffee Company Launches a Retail Franchise Offering to Drive Further Growth. Company aims to open 15 new franchise stores over the next 5 years leading to the creation of more than 100 jobs. Insomnia Coffee Company, Ireland's largest independently owned coffee shop chain, today announced plans to enter into the retail franchising market. The new strategy will allow entrepreneurs to share in the success of the Insomnia brand while also supporting the company's ambition to further increase its market presence. The Company plans to open 15 stores over the next 5 years through selectively recruiting and qualifying suitable franchisees. This will lead to the creation of 100 new jobs.

Commenting on today's announcement, Insomnia Chairman, Bobby Kerr said: "Our commitment to brand innovation, quality of service and great coffee has driven our continued growth and success over the years. We have now reached a point in our development where we believe that partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs through a best practice franchising relationship will support our future growth and expansion plans.

We are excited about this new development and believe that it will position us strongly to bring our customer focused Insomnia offer to more people throughout Ireland." Speaking about the opportunities for entrepreneurs, Insomnia's Chief Executive Officer Harry O'Kelly said: "The 'On the Go' market within the food service channel has grown by 14.3% since 2003 and is currently valued at €1bn – this market is forecast to grow further over the next 4 years. Despite the difficult economic environment that persists, as a result of our focus on customers and constant innovation our consumers remain loyal and are broadening their purchasing range.

"This anticipated growth, combined with our team's track record in business over the past 15 years makes this a very attractive opportunity for the right entrepreneur. Our new franchisee partners will benefit from our on-going investment in innovation and marketing and from operating under one of the best established indigenous brands in the country.

Our aim is to continue to invest in the brand and look forward to driving future growth in the business through our move into the franchising market." Insomnia will provide successful applicants with comprehensive training as well as a programme of continuous and on-going support as part of the franchise relationship. Concluding, Chairman Bobby Kerr said: "A great entrepreneur is characterised by their passion for their company or idea, their vision of how to make it work and their ambition to be successful.

These are the kinds of attributes that we are looking for from our future franchisees. We are looking forward to meeting the people who want to engage with us in this exciting development and are passionate about replicating our Insomnia business model to the exceptional standards we demand of ourselves.

We are very confident that our franchise strategy will deliver significant benefits to Insomnia, to our franchisees and to our customers." The Insomnia team is inviting anyone with a genuine interest and passion for coffee who is interested in exploring franchising opportunities with Insomnia to either get in touch with the company directly or to visit the Insomnia stand at the Franchising Exhibition in the RDS.

About Insomnia Coffee Company:

Established in 1997, Insomnia Coffee Company has become an iconic Irish brand. The company is the largest independently owned coffee shop chain in the Republic of Ireland having grown from a single location in a Galway bookstore to a presence of over 60 coffee shops on the high streets of Ireland.

The Company has additional outlets through partnerships with Eason, Spar, Meadows & Byrne, Plantagen (Gardenworks) and An Post. It also has over 150 Insomnia branded self-service coffee machines operating nationwide. Growth to date has been fuelled through organic growth as well as through the 2003 merger with gourmet Sandwich Company Bendini and Shaw and the 2005 acquisition of the cafe chain Perk.

For Further information about Coffee Franchises for Sale in Ireland, please click HERE

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