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Weight loss Diet Opportunities in Ireland. System 10 covers all the best techniques for losing weight including low G.L. foods (which is superior to low G.I), high fibre foods, good food combining, controlling carbohydrates (but not eating too little of them) and eating small and often to mention a few.

THE BEST PART is that it is the only plan to focus on the single most important key of all - developing a great METABOLISM. Diet Franchise Opportunities IrelandOur plan is a step by step plan of action.

You will learn amazing things about food, exercise and motivation. By simply following our guidelines a newer, happier, lighter and leaner you will emerge very fast.

System 10 Diet - Weight loss Franchises brings these incredible benefits:

  • The freedom of running your own business
  • Substantial income for 1 or 2 evenings work per week
  • A superb product that really produces results
  • Opportunity to genuinely help people to lose weight
  • Access to professional advertising materials (posters, flyers, newspaper ads etc.)
  • Superb way of bringing new customers to an already existing business
  • As the business is online it is easily transported anywhere in the World
  • Incredible backup and support
  • Tiny set up costs
  • There are currently 2 ways you can work with System 10:

Individual Irish Licence Holder:

This is where you run your own System 10 clinic 1 or 2 evenings a week for about 6 hours each evening. You will meet with clients on a one to one basis or in very small groups and weigh them, review their progress and motivate them. You will make sure they are following the System 10 Golden Success rules.

You will be responsible for you own advertising and client recruitment. System 10 has a range of pre-designed profession advertising material including posters, flyers, business cards and newspaper and magazine ads.

You will be given full training in all aspects of System 10 and in the best ways to advertise and promote the business. Income - €43,000 per annum for a successful 1 night per week clinic (6 hours work) and up to €94,000 per annum for a successful 2 nights per week clinic (12 hours work).

Master Licence Holder: 

This is where you would recruit people to run licences as outlined above on your behalf. This is for the more ambitious business minded person. These people still run the licence as their own business and are responsible for sales and advertising themselves.

You get a commission on all their sales.

Income - €63,000 per annum if you have 3 licence holders successfully operate under you and €105,000 per annum if you have 5 successful licence holders under you. Time commitment is about 15 hours per week. Ideally you will be from a health professional background - e.g. fitness trainer, nurse, dietician, massage therapist or beautician but sometimes we recruit people who are new to this type of business but who can prove their commitment and passion. An agent will run a System 10 clinic 1 or 2 evenings per week where they meet with clients, weigh them and motivate them to lose weight.

           Health Weight loss Franchise Opportunity

The System 10 Testimonials:  Joanne

I started System10 in July at 11stone; by October I was 9stone 3lbs and lost 7.5% body fat. This was achieved by a healthy balanced diet designed for me and an exercise plan. I had a baby in Febuary & was delighted to have reached my target weight in the 12weeks.

I have a better diet now and learned an awfull lot about regular eating and to lose weight. Thank you System10 for all your help. Joanne, System10 client.


I commenced System10 in Febuary. My weight was 15st4lbs. After the six week plan, my weight dropped to 13st12lbs; a total loss of 1 stone 6lbs. I've never felt so good. I lost the weight from the areas that needed it which always seemed impossible before on other diets. My health and energy where never as good.

The one to one with my consultant made the plan very easy and comfortable to stick with. A few months on and my weight has stayed the same. I am delighted I did System10 and strongly recommend System10 to everyone. Keith. System10 client.


I have struggled with my weight for years. I tried several programs which resulted in losing some but putting on more after. I started System10 on May at 15stone 11pounds with not much hope of reaching my target weight. Now 5 months later I have lost 4stone and have gone from a size 22 to a size12. I'm wearing clothes I could not wear for years. My health has improved so much; I have no aches or pains & have so much energy.

I have gone from the "Big & Bubbly" and feeling embarrassed about myself when friends would talk about weight & clothes, to being more confident and much happier about my appearance. I found Eithne ( y instructor) an inspiration; she gives so much encouragement and makes losing weight a lot of fun. Without System10, I do not think I could have achieved my weight loss to date. Louise, System10 client.

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