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                             Beauty Professionals WANTED in Ireland

        Do you own a Beauty Salon, Hairdressers, Gym Owner, Chemist etc 

If so Ireland's Teeth Whitening Franchise Opportunity could be for you - CBI cosmetic beauty treatments have become more and more popular in recent years and thanks to the Hollywood stars and their bright smiles, dental whitening has become a must have for anyone who cares about their appearance.

Teeth whitening services have therefore become more popular, but until recently required dedicated space and a great deal of experience, excluding many potential business people from providing this service.  Teeth Whitening Franchise Opportunities
Begin Your Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Business In Just One Hour!

Large dedicated premises with expensive specialists on staff are a thing of the past! Now literally anyone, with any amount of space and a short training session can provide professional teeth whitening to the general public.The Cosmetic Bright Light Augmented Teeth Whitening System requires only the smallest amount of space and is small enough to be portable too!

As the provider of this product throughout Ireland, we are happy to provide this teeth whitening system to individuals who want to start a small business, existing businesses that want to add a teeth whitening service to their portfolio or even entrepreneurs who might want to setup a teeth whitening franchise across Ireland. Below are some examples of the type of opportunities that exist for new and existing businesses that are interested in light augmented teeth whitening:

Teeth Whitening Opportunities in Ireland & the UK

A Home-Based Business:
Setup an area in your home and have clients come to you. The equipment requirement is only the light augmented teeth whitening system and a comfortable reclining chair!

Teeth Whitening Franchise Mobile Business FranchisesOur Teeth Whitening Mobile Business:
Cosmetic Bright Light Augmented Teeth Whitening System is so small and light that it is ideally suited to being used in a mobile teeth whitening service.What could be more flexible for potential customers than someone coming to their home or even workplace to provide this service?

Our Salon-based Business:
If you are looking to start a beauty salon of any kind then you should seriously consider adding this very lucrative add-on service to your list.Teeth Whitening is not only a wonderful additional revenue stream, but it complements any other beauty treatment and brings in new customer sources, such as men, who would not normally go to a beauty salon.

Irish Teeth Whitening Franchise Business
The Teeth Whitening Opportunities For Existing Businesses

There are many existing businesses that could benefit from this amazingly simple additional revenue opportunity. The space required is minimal, the training is simple and treatment sessions are short, which makes it a viable option for almost any business.We have listed below the typical types of businesses that could easily integrate light augmented teeth whitening into their offering:

  • Hair & Beauty SalonsTeeth Whitening Franchising Business Opportunities
  • Barber Shops
  • Spas
  • Tanning Salons
  • Chemists
  • Gyms & Fitness Centres
  • Dentists


The Complete Choice In Adding Light Augmented Teeth Whitening To Your Business

Buy Or Rent! it's up to YOU.

Our Business Cosmetic Bright Ireland can provide this product to the Irish & UK markets in a number of ways to suit every pocket and business plan.Outlined below are the three purchase options that will allow anyone to begin offering a professional teeth whitening service. Whether through outright purchase or leasing, the system comes with the following:

  • 1 x L.E.D.Augmentation LightIrish Teeth Whitening Franchise Ireland
  • 1 x Protective glasses
  • 10 client single treatments
  • 1 x Teeth whitening shade guide
  • 1 x Display poster
  • 100 x Promotional Leaflets
  • 100 x Customer Disclaimers
  • 1 x Test data and manual
  • 25 Year guarantee on L.E.D Augmentation Light
  • Full training on the system and product

Simply choose the ownership model that most suits you from the options below:


For those that simply want to buy the system outright, it is available for purchase at only €2,500+ vat - Significantly lower than the nearest competitive light augmented teeth whitening products.


If you are not interested in owning this system, but want to provide cosmetic teeth whitening as part of your business, then renting is for you! For as little as €27/week + vat you can begin to offer light augmented teeth whitening to your clients.

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