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The Card Group is Irish Greeting Card Retail Franchises Hugely successful, international franchise firmly established in over 35 European countries and now launched in Ireland. Winner of the Swedish Franchise Association Award for “The Best Franchise System of the Year” for 2005. For any franchise to work for you, you need people, sufficient territory, and a simple way to get your product into every possible outlet.

That's why Cardgroup have worked out some amazing territory deals for you….Only you will be able to sell our exclusive range of greeting cards & gifts in your area of over 600,000 people! And don't worry about setting this up... In training we will show you how you can easily find 200 outlets! With a profit of €25 per unit per month, you can earn €5000 every 4 weeks, and why stop at 200? Keep building the business to €6000, €7000, your only limit is the effort you put into this...

Now you can be incharge, of your income, your hours, your efforts... How does that feel? If selling this concept to shop keepers bothers you, there's no need to worry, what better offer can there be than this:

"Mr. Shop Owner - Take my display of cards, offer them to your customers for a month. I'll come back... and we'll see how you've done. You just pay me for the ones that you have sold; less the 50% profit you make on each risk, no cost to you, just a way to make even more money in your shop!"

Can you do that?  Then this is the business for you!Irish Retail Franchise Opportunities

10 Great reasons why you can be your own boss today...
  • It's Recession Proof! In tougher times, even if people don't buy a present, they will always buy a card
  • It's a Proven concept tested in over 35 countries.
  • The WOW Factor... Our cards sell themselves... Customers around the world love our products!
  • Low risk as overheads are minimal. You, your car, your fuel!
  • You control your own work/life balance working flexible hours from home.
  • It's so simple to operate... you don't need previous experience.
  • You offer shops products on sale or return... there is no hard sell.
  • Shops love our eye catching products at "Everyday prices."
  • Studio design team focused solely on creating bestselling new products.
  • Join an International organization with a small company culture.

People can't always afford a present, they will always buy a Card!

A Genuinely a Recession Proof Business!  
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Retail Card Franchises "I hadn’t even considered a greeting card franchise when I went to the show ,but the cards really caught my attention. My wife Sharon can’t believe how excited I am going out siting in the morning and getting new shops for the business . Some shops are already selling 100 cards a month, twice as much as the average." -- Ian Pardy, Redditch


Irish Retail Franchises ”After being employed, I wanted more control of my time,my income and finally my life .The products sells themselves… I took £1000 after 4 weeks and I have signed 50 customers within 8 weeks of starting up . As the song goes, 'I’m lovin’ it'" -- Michael Hill, Sheffield


Franchises "Four months into the franchise, I am still thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. There are definitely challenges and you do get out what you put in -- sometimes I am working well into the night on admin and restocking preparation, but compared to my previous corporate role, this is great. One of the great advantages is the flexibility -- I am a single mum of three demanding children, and having moved recently, I am also having to be around the house for builders etc, but the franchise has allowed me to focus on these, whilst continuing to grow the business, and develop existing customer relationships. Some days I am out the door at 7.30 and back at 6, others I perhaps don't start til mid morning and am back to do the school run. Selling does not come naturally to me, and I do have my good and bad days! But having a quality product certainly helps, and I find that I am usually converting cold calls at about 40%. You quickly get to know which shops are worth going for, and the need to get a good balance of small, medium and large accounts. I would say to anyone thinking of having a change of career to seriously consider CardGroup - low start up costs, the chance to build your own business and fit it around your lifestyle, but with the added security of having a quality product and good central support, all make it a very viable option." -- Sally Measures, Peterborough

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