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Irish weather can be tough on double glazing windows but who can you call when moisture gets trapped between pains if you dont have the cash to get them replaced. Steamed up double glazing? Save your cash, we repair it, we don't replace it!

Defog Windows are pleased to introduce a new technology for the repair of Thermal Glass Units in all types of windows: Residential, Commercials, Institutional - Wood, Metal, Alloy. Our restoration process permanently solves the problem of foggy windows. We have been appointed by the Inventor of this technology, Stephen Collins, as the Main Agents for the Island of Ireland.

We can fix fogged up windows. Save up to 70% of the cost of replacing your windows.

           De Fog Windows Business OpportunitiesA revolutionary process which removes condensation from inside your double glazing, restoring its original clarity.

Moisture in your windows becomes visible as fog or condensation between the panes of glass that may appear and disappear through the natural cycle of evaporation.

Restoration Business Franchise OpportunityThe window repair is carried out onsite and does not require removing the glass from the frame. You can be assured that there is no dust or mess. Much of the work is done from the outside but on occasions we may need to operator from inside.

The repair requires the installation of a micro venture filter on the surface of the glass over a 3mm hole. This filter is discreetly positioned in the corner of the window. The results will be a clear window.

The thermal pane window behaves like a miniature greenhouse. Air between the glass expands and contracts with the temperature of the sunlight. This in turn pumps air in and out of your windows. The window seal is semi-permeable and therefore not actually hermetically sealed. During manufacturer of the windows water absorbing desiccant pellets are placed in the rim of the window to prevent moisture. After time these pellets stop working and in turn moisture builds up between the panes. Defog Franchising Options IrelandDefog windows uses a patented process with the micro filters re-balance the windows so that more water exits than returns. Our process will permanently solve the problem, restoring the insulating value.

The sooner the window is repaired, the better the results. All standard windows can have the moisture removed. However, if the unit has been wet for a long time, mineral deposits may have formed on the inside glass surfaces.. The glass may have some water spots caused by weather. Most of these are removable using our patented process. If mineral deposits have been on the glass for an extended period they may have etched the inside surface of the glass. This is a permanent condition that, so far, cannot be reversed.

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