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The Snapizzi Phoptogaphy Franchise offers a powerful and comprehensive web-based platform that promotes business excellence and success, while allowing professional photographers to focus more on what they do best - shooting photographs.

The Snapizzi system has been developed specifically for high-volume photographers focusing on markets such as school, sports and eventIrish Photographic Software Ireland - Irish Photography photography. Snapizzi's easy-to-use, all-digital solutions optimize workflow processes, provide world-class e-commerce and apply the latest technology to improve marketing results. The photographer also benefit from extensive reporting, business intelligence, analytical tools and performance benchmarking never before available. Finally, the photographer gets up and running quickly, without costly upfront fees or additional equipment.

In short, Snapizzi empowers the photographer to achieve 16% to 46% improved efficiency through:

•1)      Increase efficiency and reduce cost using our optimized job workflow.

•2)      Grow your business utilizing our proven sales and marketing solutions.

•3)      Gain valuable insight with our industry-leading business intelligence.

Granting a Snapizzi franchise follows a careful section process with four clearly defined step to reach a successful franchise. The franchise is based on an exclusive right to operate in a specific country for an initial period of 5 years with a mutually Franchising in Ireland Snapizzi Franchisescommitted list of revenue deliverables.

The potential value of a franchise varies and is determined by population size, internet penetration and GDP. The franchise sign-on fee starts as low as USD 25.000 and the franchise revenue share starts as low as 25%.  

If you have the right talent to sell and do marketing and the right resources to drive the Snapizzi offering in your country, a Snapizzi franchise gives you access to:

•·         An opportunity to create your own, independent Snapizzi business based on the standardized and proven Snapizzi system. An opportunity to benefit from a recurring profit stream.

An opportunity to grow your Snapizzi franchise business along with the digital revolution. The franchisee takes care of sales and marketing to high-volume photographers. Snapizzi takes care of the rest.

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