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 The Meditech Beauty Franchise Opportunity / Closest thing to nip & tuck without the knife / Daily Mirror

                           Our Beautytek Beauty Franchise is now available 

Maria opened the Bedford, Beautytek clinic in May 2007. The results have been amazing. In the first 16 weeks of trading, Maria banked a genuine turnover of £35,000 and treated many happy clients.

Beauty Franchise Marketplace:

Value of the beauty market in the U.K. and Ireland for aesthetic treatments (surgical and non-surgical) is estimated at £600m for 2007 and is anticipated to grow to £1bn by 2011. Surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments and procedures are no longer the exclusive domain of “Stars” and “Celebrities”. Thanks to the advent of reality TV shows such as Extreme Makeover UK, 10 years Younger and more recently How to Look Good Naked, the focus has shifted to that of “ordinary” people who aspire to improve the way they look.

The Beautytek Franchise Opportunities

Non-surgical types of procedure are less invasive and are perceived as being less risky compared with conventional surgery the demand has grown enormously and, with the continual development of technology, this sector seems set for explosive growth over the coming five -ten years.

The value of the total market for 2007 (surgical and non-surgical) in the U.K. is estimated to be around £600m with 70% of the value in surgery and around 50,000 surgical procedures being predicted and by 2011 industry experts predict the market will hit £1bn with the non-surgical split increasing on a year by year basis. In 2006 the fastest growing procedure was liposuction with 4,000 treatments (increase of 90%),the most popular was Breast Augmentation with over 6,100 procedures taking place.

Consider that on average 75% of people who go for a consultation on surgery actually do not go through with it, and a vast number of other people consider it but never get to consultation stage as a combination of the price, the risk, and the pain, put them off the option and lead them to exploring what other, non-surgical, avenues are open to them. Bear in mind that a successful Meditech Clinic franchisee will need only 100 clients per year, you can very quickly start to see the potential

Beautytek franchise Opportunity: Beauty Franchising Business

Beautytek Beauty Franchise is a non-invasive, totally natural body sculpting technique offering a genuine pain-free alternative to surgery and giving excellent results. It is currently being used in over 30 countries worldwide.

Beautytek works on the widely accepted principle, that to offer cell genuine solutions for anti ageing and cellulite, you need cell repair and rejuvenation. Tests on over 50,000 people have helped develop a highly specified product that is not only capable of effecting the cell repair necessary, it is also able to automatically access each individual client’s needs, thus giving excellent results almost every time. Beautytek enables the body to start to metabolise fats, eliminate waste and detoxify. What's more, once the body has been 'recharged' by a course of treatments it is able to continue to work at the correct rate, thereby reducing the possibility of fat and cellulite returning.

The Beautytek system is the only machine able to do this and not only represents an amazing breakthrough in the battle against the bulge, but for the first time provides a really effective alternative to cosmetic surgery! Beautytek works on fat reduction, cellulite treatment, breast lifting, firming and reduction, skin tightening including post pregnancy stretch marks, facial toning and rejuvenation, acne and scarring amongst others.

The Beauty Franchise Opportunity

"In short worked" Financial Times

Could it be it for me? The Meditech Clinic franchising business is now looking for serious minded business partners in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Worldwide, who want to capitalise on this incredible opportunity. In return we offer our franchise partners a franchise package and support that is guaranteed to excite you. No previous experience in the beauty industry is necessary as the equipment is totally safe and easy to use and we provide an intensive 2 week training course followed by an extensive 12 week launch programme to help set you on your way.

The Meditech franchise package includes: Beauty Franchising Business

Beautytek Premium Edition System*
Related equipment to get your clinic up and running
Start up pack of consumables required for treatments
Large geographical area with room to expand your business
Business plan to assist with finance where required
Assistance with location finding and negotiation if required
Promotional literature
Extensive launch programme and marketing assistance
Comprehensive Head office training programme
Finance packages available (subject to status)

PR and Marketing - the key to success

When starting any new franchise business, attracting customers through the door from day one is vital in order to ensure you start earning straight away. That's why we have put together a launch programme, which includes assistance with:

Launch event
Client consultation
Building your client base
Sales and marketing

Initial Investment £15,500 plus VAT 
 * Beautytek premium edition system (finance available subject to status)

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