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Dry Cleaning Franchise Ireland

Pressed 4 Time recognised the need for a professional dry cleaning, laundry and alterations service that was more customer orientated.Pressed 4 Time was established with our philosophy being to provide a friendly, fast and efficient service; we pride ourselves on delivering a quality and reliable service to our customers.

All Pressed 4 Time staff are highly trained in their area of expertise to properly identify, clean and/or finish all garments, and to exercise a number of special procedures when handling your items.We are the first in Ireland to follow a stringent 3 step inspection process, which will ensure that no garment ever leaves our premises unless fully inspected, is in perfect condition, and is signed off on.Laundry Franchise Ireland

We are also pioneers in introducing club cards for drycleaning and laundry services which enable the customer to acquire vouchers for free cleaning.

Pressed 4 Time are also the first to offer full franchise capability and full inhouse training in the Irish market,

Franchise Opportunities

Should you be interested in becoming a Pressed 4 Time franchisee details are listed below of what is involved, should you rather become an agent, ie. provide a pick up and drop off point for Pressed 4 Time.

Pressed 4 Time operate a two tier franchising models and are operated on a turnkey system:

Becoming a Plant or Production unit franchise will involve the following:

  • Site selection / evaluation
  • Financing, leasing or renting options available for equipment
  • Complete environmentally friendly drycleaning plant equipment package delivered and commissioned
  • Point of sale systems
  • Staff and management training ( point of sale, dry cleaning, pressing, laundering, quality control, customer service)
  • Technical support ( trouble shooting equipment, fabrics ...etc)
  • exterior and interior signage
  • Interior shop fitoutLaundrette Franchises Ireland
  • Health and safety inspection
  • Operating manuals ( covering employment law their rights and yours )
  • An initial advertising campaign

Single shop or drop point (depot) will involve the following

  • Site selection / evaluation
  • Financing leasing or renting options available
  • Point of sale systems
  • Laundering and pressing equipment package ( if client requires laundry and pressing )
  • Staff and management training ( same as above )
  • Exterior and interior signage
  • Full shop fit out
  • Operating manuals (same as above)
  • Clients drycleaning or alterations will be collected and processed at our facility and a price split will be negotiated.

Additional models include :

  • Existing store re branding, retraining
  • If existing stores would like to cease production at their facility and would like to partner with pressed 4 time ( price split will then be negotiated)
  • Shop in shop system ( where an existing shop or shopping center can set up a point of collection for drycleaning if the floor space is available ... i.e. convenience stores, alteration shops, department stores)

Benefits of rebranding or outsourcing dry cleaning to Pressed4Time:

  • no more environmental inspections Laundromat Franchises for sale
  • less staff required ( no pressing and drycleaning staff )
  • less paper work to worry about = more free time
  • less overheads ( gas, electricity no more supplies )
  • no more chemical waste disposal.

Become an Agent

Make the most out of your business premises by becoming a pressed for time agent.

If you have an existing laundrette, a shop or any business premises and would like to earn some extra income then becoming a Pressed 4 Time agent is the opportunity for you. By providing a dry cleaning and laundry pickup or drop point service you earn extra finance by means of commission and we take care of the rest.

You provide the space we provide the service and you get a percentage of sales, it couldn't be simpler.

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