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        Beauty Bar, Nail Bar, Barber Bar, Blow Dry Bar - Boston Belle Franchises for Sale:

Boston Belle / Boston Brand Bars Franchise Business is a totally new concept in Hair/Barber Salon franchising Business, providing you with a simple yet effective way to own a Blowdry, Barbers, Beauty or combination salon business in areas of high traffic and with a business model that will guarantee success. The concept of hair and beauty franchising opportunity is not new, but our approach to it is. So what is different about our approach? Almost everything, but here is just a sample...

WE HAVE AMAZING LOCATIONS Boston Belle Hair Dressers Salon Franchises

Can you imagine owning your own business in the middle of a concourse in a busy shopping centre?

This is normally impossible without having the right contacts and very difficult logistically, we have the contacts and the knowledge to make it happen quickly and easily and most importantly, for less than it would cost you to do it yourself! Best of all, we have a number of agreements already in place!


Imagine a business that is not limited by the location you're in. One where the walls can move to accommodate growth or diversification. Our 100% modular salon system means that we build your salon around your business. You may for instance open a Boston Bell Blowdry Bar and six months later decide to bolt on a Boston Beauty Bar or a Boston Nail Bar, It's up to you!!.
In a traditional retail space, this is very difficult; with the Boston Brand Bars franchise system it's easy. EXCITING "IMPULSE" APPROACH TO HAIR & BEAUTY:

The Boston Belle - Blowdry, Barber or Beauty Bar will operate differently to other salons. No appointments are necessary because you're offering a fast and convenient service. Your customers are in the shopping centre already, so what could be more convenient than dropping in to have their hair styled and nails Belle Boston Bar Irish Ireland Nail Bar Franchisingbeautified for their night out.

And if you're busy, no problem, you simply add them to the list and they return a few minutes later to be taken care of. All-in-all the Boston Brand Bars franchise opportunity offers a no-fuss, unpretentious approach to hair and beauty, backed by our knowledge and experience to start you off in the right location, with the right people & equipment and also with all the training to ensure that you not only hit the ground running but you keep running...and growing.

About us:

Our Franchise Vision in Ireland:

Boston Belle - Brand Bars are a young and innovative company and we are going to create the world's largest network of mini salons! Yes, that's a bold statement, but we have a bold and exciting product just waiting for like-minded people to join us in making our goal a reality.

Irish Franchise Concept: We are passionate about keeping up with the very latest in global fashion ideas and providing these ideas to the public. We have been involved in hair and beauty for many years and we saw a shift beginning to happen. More and more women are looking for a simpler and less pretentious hair and beauty service, while men are tired of visiting their run-down local barber and are looking for a more modern and stylish environment to have their hair needs catered for.

Also, shopping centres have become places where you do more than just shop. They have become family "day-out" destinations with many attractions and distractions for all ages. Out of this we developed the Boston Brand Bars concept.

A place where men and women will enjoy a Boston Belle Hair Dressers Franchise Irelandquality hair and/or beauty service combined with an approach that fits their modern lifestyles - No appointments, no fuss, just quality and style.

Boston Belle Barber Franchising Business IrishAbout You:
Not everyone has what we're looking for. You don't need to be a hair or beauty specialist (in fact in many ways it might be helpful that you're not), but you need to have (or develop) a passion for it and combine it Barber Franchise Boston Belle Irish Salon Franchise Opportunitywith some previous business experience.

You need to have the vision to see a great business opportunity that is waiting to be grasped and you need to have the energy to make it a success. If you have all this then you will make a perfect franchisee, so contact us today to get the ball rolling on your new business.

Choose A Boston Brand Bar Franchise. There are many reasons why we are offering the best hair and beauty franchise on the planet today and they are outlined below. But by far the most important reason is our ability to hook you into busy and thriving shopping centres.Not only do we have the contacts to make this possible, but we can make it happen for far less than you would otherwise be able to do it for and it's all included in your franchise fees, which are the lowest in the market.

In addition to the above, the Boston Brand Bars franchise offers the following benefits: Irelands Boston Belle Franchise Beauty Nail Hair Beauty

As you can see, we mean business and by being part of this opportunity you will become part of a bigger brand and a new concept that will help to increase your turnover, while enjoying the benefits and support that will allow you to reduce your costs.

Hairdressers Franchise Boston Belle Hairdressing Franchises Ireland

Our Uniforms:

The goal of becoming the world's largest network of mini beauty salons means that we will need to build brand recognition and that starts within each salon. So we will provide red, branded polo shirts and red tunics for the beauty bars. We will also provide guidelines for the clothes to be worn with these.


Our Full Fit-Out Assistance:

Once your agreement is signed and the location is agreed, you could be up and running in only 7 days!


Our Total Training Package:

All the training you will need to ensure that you get going from day one. Most importantly it also means that every Boston Brand Bar will deliver the same top-quality service, so every salon benefits from the successes of every other salon countrywide.


Our Supplier Agreements Already In Place:

The benefits of our economies of scale through our pre-arranged discounts with major hair and beauty suppliers in Ireland.


Our Branded Equipment & Consumables:

A salon cant opperate without equipment and consumables, so we get you started with a credit note that allows you purchase equipment or consumables to meet your every need.


Our Full Systems Manual:

Our top-quality service every time means that there can be no ambiguity. We therefore provide you with a Boston Brand Bars Bible, which contains everything you need to know to make your new business a success. From how you meet and greet customers to how you setup your policies and systems - it's all in your Boston Belle systems manual booklet.


Our Software & POS System:

One of the top systems on the market is also available to you with software that is 100% tailored to salon needs. You will receive full training on the use of this system and if assistance is required, each system is configured for remote maintenance capabilities, so problems can be resolved faster and without the need to wait for an engineer to call out.


Our lowest Franchise Fees:

Om top of your initial low licence fee, you pay a small percentage of your yearly turnover on a monthly basis. When combined, our fees are far lower than any other equivalent franchise while providing much more in terms of setup and on-going help from us.



Your Own Turnkey Business:

We like you then you can enjoy a business that is ready and waiting for you. Everything has been prepared and nothing is left to chance, so this new business couldn't be easier for you.



Barber Franchise Opportunities Ireland

Current Locations:



BOSTON BEAUTY BAR              BOSTON NAIL BAR                         BOSTON BELLE


BOSTON BARBER BAR              BOSTON BEAUTY BAR                   BOSTON BARBER BAR                    

BOSTON BEAUTY BAR                                                    BOSTON BEAUTY BAR
BOSTON BARBER BAR                                                    BOSTON BARBER BAR

Available Locations:


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