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How to Buy Silver Bullion Ireland Irish

You can
Open your "FREE" account today and fund it with as little as €100.

Tripple AAA Rated International Vault Storage in London, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore or Hong Kong.

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           Silver Bullion has increased 572% over the last 10 years, that's almost 60%
                      per year, every year, far more than Gold, Property or Stocks

Protect your wealth with Hard Assets: 1. No expensive insured delivery charges, 2. No Irish 23% VAT on Silver bullion, 3. Lowest commissions over the daily traded price for Irish investors. One of the most affordable and cost effective ways to own "allocated" Precious Metals bar none!! Your Account is triple AAA rated, fully insured, held outside the banking system, carries no counter party risk and Buy Silver Bullion Irish Silver Bars Coinsevery cent you invest is backed by real allocated metal Silver, Gold & Platinum.

We Safeguard over US$2.0 billion of precious metals & currencies owned by 19,625 customers worldwide. Your Silver bullion Coins or Bars are allocated to you, you own it and it's securely stored, fully insured and independently audited by Via-Mat, one of the safest places to hold your Silver Bullion in the world today.


To protect your savings from currency devaluation in the event of returning to the Irish Punt, you can also convert your Euro's into any foreign currency and store it legally and safely outside Ireland.

                           Open a "FREE" account and fund it with as little as €100

No paperwork required ( Up to €100k ), transfer the amount you wish to invest and convert your paper into allocated Silver, Gold and/or Platinum bullion, pick a Triple AAA rated location you wish to have your metal stored:
London, Switzerland or Canada are the most popular for Irish investors incase you decide to take physical delivery of your allocated metal at a later date or at the press of a button you can instantly sell your metal back to us and your cash is sent directly to your Irish Bank Account!! It's that easy. 
After opening your "FREE" account in Ireland, if you have any questions or just wish to speak to a member of staff before you make any cash transfer which is prudent, please call our London Office directly at 00441534633933.

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                        Price of Silver Silver Coins Bar

One of the most cost effective places to Buy Silver bullion Coins and Bars in Ireland

"No" 23% Irish VAT added to your purchase, "No" 20%+ commissions added to your purchase ( Silver Only 4%+ / Gold 2%+ ), "No" Insured delivery charges either!!!  With our AAA+ Rated Allocated Vault storage, you own Silver Bullion not just a paper promise saying you do, like ( Certificates or Exchange Traded Funds which are, unless otherwise stated "unallocated" ). We are one of the least expensive ways to own silver in allocated storage for Irish Investors, which is the safest and most secure way to store precious metals. Also, because you are purchasing metals already stored in a AAA rated vault, you never have to pay shipping fees, massive commissions ( anything over 5% ) or 23% Irish vat.

Every Euro you invest is backed by Silver bullion. More savings arise with us because you avoid the premium that is paid for fabrication costs when you purchase coins and bars. Perhaps most importantly, the cost to buy and sell through us is generally much less than coins and bars. Our purchase rates are based on the metal's current spot price plus a small exchange fee that depends on the size of the transaction. There is no exchange fee to sell your metals.

You get More metal for your money:

The Silver that you own is securely stored, insured and independently audited. When you purchase precious metals through us, your  Silver bullion or Cash is stored securely at the VIA MAT vaults in London, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong or Singapore.

VIA MAT International is part of Mat Securitas Express AG, of Switzerland, one of Europe's largest and oldest armoured transport and storage companies. Your Silver is fully insured against theft from all vaults. Administration of all metals is provided by an independent party (Andium Trust Company Limited) that safeguards your metal by making sure silver are only removed from the vaults under the direction of its owners, i.e., our customers.

A Big Four accounting firm semi-annually audits our operational procedures as well as the precious metal bar inventory at the vaults and metal circulating electronically in our system. Silver has been the best store of wealth for over 5000 years, Silver is a commodity used by industry never to be recovered but also bought & stored, both Gold & Silver are considered as the only true "Real Money" that there is in the world. The USGS ( United States Geological Society ) indicates that Silver ( at current mining output ) will be the first element in the periodic table to become extinct by 2020 ( 7 years time ). As the price of Silver rises, mining will increase reducing the extinction deadline to possibly 2017 ( 4 years time ).

Asian countries & their citizens know this and are buying the metal ( Silver Bullion ) hand over fist as Western countries only begin to wake up to this fact.

Buy Silver bullion Coins Ireland Silver Bars

Silver is a Store of wealth, Fact:

The price of Silver has rocketed 572% in the last 10 years.

The US Dollar was just recently at its lowest point in history and worth about 4% of what it used to be worth, the Euro is tied to the $.

The more paper money that's in circulation the less is its value, there has never been soo much paper money in the world ever than today. Some industry experts are predicting Silver could be worth $1,000 to $1,500 per ounce ( Plus at least a 20% to 50% Premium or mark up over that Spot price for the seller ) within the next five years.

Buy Silver Ireland. Irish Silver The Chinese government are running national state TV advertisements encouraging its citizens to buy Silver as an investment.

Every year new industrial uses are found to use up supplies of the existing Silver supply.

In 2007, 455.5 million ounces of silver were used for industrial applications alone never to be recovered.

Industry uses Silver because its the best Thermal & Electrical Conductor known on earth,  its better than copper. Already more paper money invested in Paper Silver ( ETF'S Exchange Traded Funds, Certificates, Silver Exchanges ) than there is actual above ground Silver available to sell.

So if a fraction of the people who have money invested in paper Silver wanted physical delivery of coins or bars, very few would get it. That day will come maybe sooner rather than later and the Silver Price will sky-rocket.Ireland Buy Silver coins Dublin Bullion

International Vault Storage Options:

Many International customers elect to forgo paying customs fees and duties by having their precious metals stored in segregated vault storage using either Brink's or VIA MAT.

With segregated vault storage the silver bullion products you purchase are "Yours" held solely in the beneficiary title(s) you elect. The original products you buy are always stored separately never swapped nor comingled with other accounts.

Vault storage customers receive custody certificates documenting holdings and account inventory levels. All physical vault storage holdings are a secure phone call away and you can take delivery at any time or to lock in a sellback price. Test Goldmoney with a small amount at first and build your foreign currency &/or metals portfolio.

                               Invest in "Allocated" Silver Bullion                          
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                            Silver Bullion Irish Silver




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