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                       Courier Franchise Opportunities: Fastway Delivery Business Opportunities 

Fastway Courier Franchise is a multi award winning Delivery Franchise System which was established in New Zealand in 1983 and is the world’s largest courier franchise Delevery Franchises in Irelandwith over 1,700 courier franchises across 10 countries. Now over 300 people earn their livelihood from the Fastway Couriers system throughout the 32 counties, 125 of which are franchisees who own their own business.

It's taken only six years, now the Fastway Couriers (Ireland) Franchise has developed into a nationally recognised brand. Having also scooped 2 international awards for Best Emerging Franchise, they were also given honours in the last three years by Swords Fingal Chamber of Commerce when they won the overall Marketing Innovation Award and the Best Business Growth Award. They were also short listed for an award by the Irish Franchise Association in 2006.... Now you can become one of our Fastway Courier Franchisees:

The Fastway Courier Franchise offers our Franchisees the opportunity to own their own business within a globally successful franchise system.  Franchisees buy an exclusive territory which can be built up and sold or split Courier Fastway Courier Delivery Franchisefor capital gain. Franchisees receive a guaranteed initial income, the weight of a global brand, ongoing sales and marketing support, continuous training and a customer base.

Like all new business start ups, Courier Franchisees face challenges and commitment and business acumen is a strong requirement drive. Fastway Couriers experience is that each courier territory can split up to 4 times hence there is an ongoing recruitment requirement and growth potential for the business. We at the Fastway Couriers franchise are continuously recruiting and at present have business opportunities for sale all over Ireland from €8,000 to €60,000 depending on the territory size and value of the individual business for sale. Our Fastway Courier Franchisees owns their own business thus a high level of personal service and care is guaranteed. 

Fastway Couriers mission statement is: To deliver consistent customer satisfaction through Service, Accountability, Value and Excellence. Ireland's Fastway Courier / Delivery Franchise Facts:

*Established in 1983. 
*Franchises in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland,    Germany, Spain, England, Wales and Scotland.
*The world's largest Courier Franchise with 120 regional franchisees and over 1,500 courier franchisees.
*Group Turnover $385 million.
*Winner of the ‘Marketing Initiative Award’ in 2006 and the ‘Best Business Growth Award’ from the Swords Fingal Chamber of Commerce. Courier Delivery Franchise
*Repeatedly placed on BRW magazine fastest growing private companies list including 1st place in Australia.
*Fastway Franchise System is the only fully franchised courier system in Ireland.
*Full coverage throughout 32 counties with 9 regional franchisees and specialise in highly competitively priced courier services and small freight distribution.                                        

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