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A Unique Franchise Opportunity

......Your Key to Exceptional Income and a Balanced Lifestyle.

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FocalPoint Coaching your chance to start your own business from home and earn exceptional income. There are over 250,000 Small Medium Size Businesses in Ireland and over 4 Million in the UK.  This is a franchise opportunity which suits senior managers, sales managers, marketing, logistics, directors, finanical controllers, entrepreneurs and expereinced business executives, consultants and Independent business/life coach's.

       Business Training Franchise

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A Growing Industry and Franchise Opportunity

There has never been a bigger need for Business Coaching with Small Medium Size Entreprise.   FocalPoint are currently searching to expand their team of business coach's in the UK and Ireland .

Why should you Join FocalPoint Business Coaching Franchise?

·         The Future - Unprecedent Growth in the small to medium sized business market

·         Low Costs of Setting up your Business

·         High Earnings Potential

·         A Balance Life,  Work from your Own Home

·         Security, a Trusted Brand and Reputation - Brian Tracy

·         Peace of Mind, over 25 Years p

·         Proven Performance and Results with Brian Tracy's content and material

·         Comfort, you have support and a highly qualified team to call and support You

·         Reduce Risk, higher success rates in the franchise industry

·         High Quality Training

·         Speed to enter market, Leverage Brand, Cost Strcuture, Global Marketing, Content, Success, Experience, Knowledge, Team and Ulitmately Results.

·         The World's Premiere Business Performance Coaching Franchise.

"In Ireland there are over 250,000 SME's in the UK there are over 4 million SMEs, the market potential for business coaching based on these figures has hugh potential and is expected to growing. Focal point Business Franchise

FocalPoint ...the business coaching franchise

The FocalPoint franchise opportunity provides an expansive network our coaches can leverage as they operate a successful business. As one of the few white-collar franchises, FocalPoint's structure ensures that franchisees receive exceptional training and the resources needed to be successful. FocalPoint provides an essential marketing, sales and client support system, which is constantly enhanced for relevance and impact.

FocalPoint Business Coaching franchisees are the faces and voices of Brian Tracy's FocalPoint business coaching franchise. Franchisees deliver Brian Tracy International's coaching content and methodologies directly to business owners and professionals. The Business Coaching Franchisee is not limited to any of the defined territory, even though the vast majority of their coaching engagements will usually be located within the local territory of the Master Franchisee who recruited them.

Franchisees make a modest investment to establish their independently owned and operated FocalPoint Business Coaching franchise.

FocalPoint Franchisees earn revenue from the monthly coaching fees they charge the business owners and professionals for weekly, one-on-one, long-term coaching. In addition, FocalPoint franchise owners can bring up to three associate coaches into their franchise businesses, thus quadrupling the number of clients a franchise can comfortably coach, as well as increasing revenue proportionally.

Are You the Ideal Business Coach?

What we look for in a franchisee? Business Training Franchises

The FocalPoint franchisee is someone who has a proven successful track record, a great communicator, and someone who believes in FocalPoint's core principles: clarity, partnership, leadership, passion, integrity, results, abundance, knowledge, distinction, and a Win-Win-Win attitude!

To be a FocalPoint franchisee, you have to ask yourself if you are someone who derives satisfaction from helping, teaching and mentoring others. Why? Because our product is the service of working with people through coaching to help them achieve success in business and in life.

Focalpoint is careful to select individuals who not only possess the right skills and character, but who fit with our organisational culture. We do not put round pegs in square holes! In order to succeed as a FocalPoint franchise, you need: business experience, sales experience, communication skills, financial ability, personal fortitude, integrity, and a passion for business.

Training and Support

Training you to be the best

FocalPoint's training program addresses all aspects involved in becoming a successful member of the FocalPoint franchise team, enabling Business Coaching franchisees to excel and have the very best opportunity to achieve their business goals.

·  Induction training - FocalPoint franchisees use audio/visual and print resources to gain a good grounding in the key philosophical components of the FocalPoint franchise system, as well as the coaching methodology and content provided by Brian Tracy International.

·  In-house corporate training program - designed to arm franchisees with the necessary skills, methodologies and knowledge required to deliver Brian Tracy International's business coaching content. Much of the training is role playing, allowing franchisees to "hit the ground running" once they complete training. Franchising Business Ireland

·  In-field post-training - this 6 week post-training program is designed to ensure FocalPoint franchisees have the initial support to get their businesses running as quickly and successfully as possible. The program consists primarily of virtual training from FocalPoint operations and training personnel, sometimes one-on-one but often in virtual group training sessions.

"The training and support from FocalPoint is the best I have come across to date in my career"

Ronan Kilroy (RK Consultants Ltd. - FocalPoint Coaching)

Supporting you all of the way

FocalPoint and Brian Tracy International work together to provide franchisees with the best on-going support in the franchised business coaching industry!

·  Monthly status report - FocalPoint uses relevant data reported by franchisees each month to helps franchisees maintain the health and growth of each of their franchise businesse.

·  Quarterly plan - Every three months, franchisees complete a plan of activities for the next quarter. These plans are reviewed, with feedback and assistance is provided in the development and execution of these plans. Effective plans are the keys to any successful endeavour.

·  Conferences - On a yearly basis, each FocalPoint master franchisee is required to facilitate at least one conference for franchisees in their territories. The conference presents franchisees with new FocalPoint programs and provides coaches with networking opportunities and motivation. In addition, a National FocalPoint Conference is held each year for all franchisees in the system. Franchises for Sale

·  Innovations - Franchisees will periodically receive news and training on new programs and marketing strategies. FocalPoint invests a great deal of time and effort to solicit ideas for system and content improvement from its franchisees - at FocalPoint, everyone in the system is a valuable partner in the system's continual improvement and success!

FocalPoint Coaching

Franchise/License Fee/Training/Web (Minimum Investment): €50,000

Ongoing Royalties (Monthly Fees): €1500 fixed

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